London AV Mobility Summit

Woolwich Works, The Royal Borough of Greenwich

July 3 & 4, 2024

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The Autonomous Vehicle Future

Welcome to the London AV Mobility Summit 2024, uniting leading minds in tech, policy and business, to transform movement of people and goods via autonomous vehicles. Join us at the London AV Mobility Summit 2024 to collaborate, share ideas, and shape urban mobility’s future. Connect with stakeholders, exchange best practices, and foster AV solutions for global cities.

Explore AV tech, connectivity, and their potential to create sustainable, efficient cities:

Uncover essential policies, standards, and regulations for global AV deployment safety

Reveal the business benefits of AVs, including cost savings, sustainability and revenue opportunities
Chart the AV Roadmap, merging tech, policy, and business for future mobility
Discuss AV’s impact on people and goods movement, including delivery automation
Witness scalable, eco-friendly AV solutions for cities worldwide


Jamie Hodsdon
Global Regulatory & Public Affairs Lead
Ben Loewenstein
Senior Manager, European Policy and Government Affairs
Lukas Neckermann
Managing Director / Initiator
Neckermann Strategic Advisors / PAVE Europe
François Ramond
Program Director - Autonomous Mobility on Dedicated Lanes
Paul Campion
Jessica Uguccioni
Deputy Head
Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
David Wong
Senior Technology and Innovation Manager
Guido Di Pasquale
Managing Director
PAVE Europe

Why gather in the British Capital?

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom, but also a global leader in innovative new urban mobility solutions, including autonomous vehicles. With a long history of transportation innovation, London is the perfect place to gather and jointly push the shift from motorist to mobilist forward through an AV revolution. Hosted for the first time in The Royal Borough of Greenwich who are pioneering new models for a highly connected world, with the ambition to drive a modern, ethical and sustainable regional economy that allows every person and business to connect and thrive.

July, 4 - Summit Agenda


July, 3, from 12:00 to 17:00

We want to bring to life the innovations from across the autonomy eco-system and Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) will be opening its doors at their testbed, just a 5-minute walk from Woolwich Works. The SMLL is the world’s most advanced urban testbed for AV technology, a London-based real-world connected environment for testing and developing future transport and mobility solutions.

The locations of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford provide a complex uncontrolled testing environment, interacting with live traffic and other road users. The testbed is designed to demonstrate and evaluate the use, performance, environmental impact, safety and benefits of connected and automated mobility technology and future transport services.

London is the ultimate proving ground: its challenging layout and transport systems are representative of most features to be found in other towns and cities: if it works here, it will work anywhere.

The Smart Mobility Living Lab is your gateway to testing AV systems in the ultimate real-world environment. We encourage OEMs, Tier 1’s and the wider AV technology supply chain, who are looking to deploy and test in the UK, to visit the Smart Mobility Living Lab and discover its facilities and potential for assisting with the verification and validation of new concepts.

July, 4

Day 2 of the London AV Mobility Summit offers a unique opportunity to engage with leaders in tech, policy, and business focused on transforming urban mobility and logistics through autonomous vehicles. It’s a platform to explore AV technology and its role in creating sustainable, efficient cities, understand the global landscape of AV policies and standards, and witness the business advantages of AVs. A packed speaker lineup, coupled with thought leading attendees from both the private and public sector, makes this summit ideal for networking, exchanging ideas, and contributing to shaping the future of urban mobility and logistics.




Partner Opportunities

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